Group exhibition at Regen Projects curated by Abraham Cruzvillegas and Gabriel Kuri for Pacific Standard Time: Los Angeles / Latin America

The main question asked of the participating artists by co-curators Abraham Cruzvillegas and Gabriel Kuri, is “How do we define us?” The exhibition features work by approximately twenty international artists living outside the geographical limits of Latin America, who are working in all mediums from 1940 to the present.

The gallery is wallpapered floor to ceiling in six repeating illustrations of socio-political maps in brilliant colors by Miguel Covarrubas, titled Pageant of the Pacific (originals published around 1940). Sounds of the elements echo in the gallery, from the electric sizzles and flames of Ariel Schlesinger’s Bubble Machine, and the water flowing throughout Michael Stevenson’s The Fountain of Prosperity, designed to represent monetary flow in a national economy. The exhibition continues into two of Regen Projects’ side galleries, where you can also find and arrangement of Abraham Cruzvillegas’ ongoing series, Autorretrado Ciego (another version currently up at MOCA Grand).