Welcome to the Evergreene archive of exhibitions and projects.

The Evergreene concept began as a brick-and-mortar gallery in Geneva, Switzerland. During its active years from 2002 to 2011, Evergreene gallery fostered the growth of an emerging community of francophone Swiss artists and expanded its reach by participating in numerous international art fairs.

After the gallery’s closure, Evergreene Studio was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles to offer a new, flexible platform to carry the mission of supporting emerging contemporary artists internationally. Performing focused, on-the-ground research, our findings were presented publicly in editorial features on our website and special exhibition projects, as well as privately in the form of bespoke advisory services for art collectors.

Evergreene Studio moved to New York City and officially closed in 2022.


Nicole Timonier, Founder
Anne Marie Taylor, Director



Austin Kennedy |



All editorial photography by Evergreene Studio, unless otherwise noted.

Installation photography:

2016 | Christopher Wormald |
2014 | David Michael Cortes |
2008—2011 | Annik Wetter |
2000—2007 | Serge Fruehauf


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