We made an appointment to visit Larry Bell in his Taos studio, location of the famous vacuum deposition tank he uses to treat the glass surfaces of his cube sculptures and Vapor Drawings. He also uses the machine to create his Mirage Paintings, one of which Evergreene Studio exhibited in That Was Ken, This is Now, a pop up exhibition in Malibu in 2014. We created a short video on this piece and the processes he uses, currently on view in Vapor and Vibration: The Art of Larry Bell and Jesús Rafael Soto at the Tampa Museum of Art, and accessible to you via our website.

Larry directed us across the street to The Harwood Museum of Art to see Larry Bell: Hocus, Focus and 12, which exhibited just a fraction of his extensive guitar collection with corresponding Church Studies, as well as several of his large scale glass environments which are also on view at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles through September 23rd.