Pasado mañana is the third collaborative exhibition by Rafa Esparza and Beatriz Cortez, following presentations at UCR ARTSblock and Ballroom Marfa. In this exhibition, the artists imagine multiple possible future realities of gender, race, class, and culture by positioning immigrant labor as the foundation for exploring time and space.

Beatriz Cortez’s tent-like structure forms a shelter used for cultivating water lilies, meant to symbolize Mayan agriculture and technology and a merging of ancient and contemporary practices used by immigrant labor forces here in Los Angeles. Rafa Esparza launches an intervention with the gallery’s architecture by cutting into the walls to expose its materiality and covering the floors with adobe, a material process he learned from his father.

Six queer-identifying artists: Fabián Guerrero, Sebastián Hernández, María Maea, Rubén Rodríguez, Gabriela Ruiz, and Brenzy Solorzano, are invited to include their own work in response to the idea of futurity, creating an eclectic landscape to roam and discover in the gallery.