In Omaha, Nebraska we visited our new friends at Maple St. Construct, a creative-run workspace founded by architects, which operates as a gallery/residency with the goal of bridging the discourse between artists from Los Angeles and the Midwest. There are two main buildings of operation (and more to come): a storefront that functions as a residency for artists to experiment and ultimately display what they’ve made on site, and the massive Standard Oil Building just a few minutes away in downtown Omaha, where Maple St. exhibits co-founder Mike Nesbit’s semi-permanent FLOOD works and other ambitious large-scale projects on multiple floors. We were lucky enough to catch LA-based artist Thomas Linder’s exhibition of luminous fiberglass sculptures in this space, and Robin Donaldson’s "A Surfer's Time", a meditation on the nature of time that culminated in an impressive series of paintings on wood planks.