There are so many important institutions to visit in Marfa, most of which you need to make an appointment for to tour. We were advised by a friend to visit Donald Judd’s former home called, “The Block” (because the property takes up a whole city block), which is run by the Donald Judd Foundation. The tour covers a walk through the garden, into two airplane hangars which house his personal library and several of his permanent installations, and the main house which is still used by his children now and then. Once inside, there are no photos allowed, which proves to be a great exercise in taking notes.

Only in Marfa for one full day, we didn’t have time for a tour of the Chinati Foundation, which consists of fifteen buildings on over 340 acres, exhibiting major works by Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Robert Irwin, Dan Flavin, and Roni Horn, among others. We did walk down the desert trail to see Donald Judd’s 15 works in concrete, and the pavilion where Robert Irwin’s untitled (dawn to dusk), 2016, is installed, both extraordinary.