Before the exhibition opened at Regen Projects, we made a trip out to A-Z West, Andrea Zittel’s eleven-acre life project in the Mohave Desert to visit her new ongoing, site-specific Planar Pavilions. Ten modulated structures made of cinder blocks painted black are situated throughout the landscape leading up to her studio and home. Due to the ever-changing light of the desert, each configuration takes on different qualities throughout the day, first appearing heavy and ominous with accentuated black angles, then sunlit portions push back and disappear into the dust.

Zittel’s active living environments inside of the gallery at Regen Projects shift the focus from exterior to interior, investigating the more private physical and psychological spaces. Groupings of metal structures explore the vertical plane and spatial containment. Enclosed quarters leave just room enough for one, and cushions, reading material, and woven area rugs also encourage introspection.

The exhibition at Regen Projects is on view through August 12. Planar Pavilions at A-Z West in Joshua Tree is an on-going project and is available to tour by appointment only. Please use the link below to find out about joining a tour and make a reservation.