Editorial Features

Editorial Features

Our mission is to discover and promote the work of contemporary artists internationally. In addition to exhibitions and projects, our editorial sections Scene//Seen and Now//Then and our email newsletters are another way that we share current information on artists we support or admire.

In 2018 and 2019, we did cross-country Road Trips—our dispatches from the road can also be found here.

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Road Trip // 2019

Evergreene Studio has hit the road again this summer with a new cross-country route from New York to Los Angeles! Our mission: to experience America through its great art institutions and architecture, and to connect with artists along the way.

Bear Run, PA

Chicago, IL

Omaha, NE



Scene // Seen

Every week we organize an intense program for visiting art exhibitions and events in Los Angeles, New York—or wherever we happen to be traveling—and we share our favorite highlights here through personal images and responses

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Road Trip // 2018

On a sunny Friday morning in New York City we piled into our tiny Audi—four people in total, all of our luggage, and a bloodhound named Bamboo—and took to the road on a ten-day journey west to Los Angeles. Our mission: to experience America through its great art institutions, and to connect with artists along the way.

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Now // Then

Evergreene Studio, and before it Evergreene and Greene Gallery, have collaborated with over 70 artists since our program was founded in 1997.

In these occasional features, we will highlight what some of these artists are doing currently and take a look back at their exhibitions with us.

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